Bulk remove media from multiple variants?

Select the variant(s) you'd like to remove media (images/videos/models) from. Then, click on the Garbage bin icon button located on the top right. Finally, Confirm the removal in the dialog presented.

What happens when I don't select any images, videos, and/or models for a particular product variant?

By default, if a variant has no images, videos, and/or models, all product media will be displayed for that variant.

In the above screenshot, a Green Leopard / Small Poncho Cape will show all of the product's media as shown below. You can find all of the product's media by visiting its Product details page.

Where are my images, videos, and/or models uploaded to?

Your images are uploaded to your Product's media. You can visit them in your Product's detail page.

How do I crop an image?

Open up the Product's detail page of the product that contains the image that you want to crop. Open up that image and then follow this cropping guide.

How do I change an image, video or model's alt text (description)?

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