Manually disabling the insertGalleryPlaceholder function

To disable the insertGalleryPlaceholder function manually, please follow these steps

  1. Navigate to your published theme, click the "more" button to access the drop-down menu, and choose Edit Code.

  1. In the code editor, use the search function on the top left to find productwiz-rio.liquid under the Snippets section. If this file is absent, your installation uses app embeds; thus, disregard these steps and re-apply the app’s theme integration by following this link: Re-apply Theme Integration

  1. Open productwiz-rio.liquid. Use Ctrl+F (or Cmd+F on Mac) to find function insertGalleryPlaceholder. If it's not found, no further action is needed.

  1. If the function is present, insert insertGalleryPlaceholder = () => {}; on a new line directly below it.

  1. Save your changes by clicking the Save button at the top right.

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